Clearance - Miracle Blend Air Dry Paints

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All Miracle Blend Paints Reduced to price marked.

Miracle Blend Paints are being replaced by Ultimate Fusion Paints.
MB Paints are inter-changeable with Ultimate Fusion.

SKU: D-Resin Twin Set

NEW Site Special Offer - Set of LE Collectible Miniature Resin Dolls - FREE E BOOK


Think of Christmas Gifts - Unbelievable Price - $79.90 for the Set
Hand Painted Miniature Resin Doll Set by Adrie
Collectible Gift Boxed with Certificates
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Retail $209.90
SKU: DK-demi

Special - LE Demi - Reborn Doll Kit with Full Torso & Body - by Phil Donnelly

SAVE NOW - 19-20" Limited Edition "Demi" Unpainted Reborn Kit

Includes Full Torso and Inside Body,
Certificate is Included.

Retail $119.90

SKU: C-3

Special Offer - Baby Booties Soft Stretch Bootie with Print Design

Special Offer - Choose from 4 styles
Adorable soft stretch Baby Bootie for your Reborn Babies
The Sole measures 4" long by 2" wide
Retail $4.99