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SKU: BS-990-Set

'Baby Strokes' - Reborn Doll Artist - White Taklon Script Liner Brush Set - 3 Pc.- Hair Painting Brushes

$10.00 $11.10
SAVE - 3 Piece Hair Painting Doll Artist Paint Brush Set - #20/0, #10/0 and #00
'Baby Strokes' - Reborn Doll Artist Paint Brush - White Taklon Script Liner Set
Heinz Jordan Series #990
SKU: grab bag

* Grab Bag Sale - Blonde Wispy Partial Cap Baby Wig - Sizes 12" to 14"

SALE - average of 75% off - different Blonde Shades
Wispy Partial Cap Baby Wigs from our Secrist Buyout
No Choice of size.
Limited Amount Available
SKU: carrot wig sale

08-9" Johnny Tiny Full Cap Carrot Wig - Clearance SALE

Overstock Clearance Sale
Synthetic Full cap tiny wig for dolls with an 8-9" head size.

Contact us for Quantities of 50 or more @ 50 cents each.
SKU: SW-701

10-11" Denise Long Brown Wig for 18" American Girl Dolls - Clearance SALE

$10.00 $22.80
Clearance Overstock - Brown Only
Beautiful Full Cap Long Wig for the 18" Slender Girl Dolls
Great for Brushing and Styling
Fits 18" Play Dolls like American Girl Dolls.
SKU: SW-Ebony

12-13" Ebony - Long Black Modacrylic Monique Wig - Clearance SALE

$10.90 $20.90
Only 1 Available in Black
Full Cap Synthetic wig for 12-13" Head Circumference
Long Black Hair
SKU: limb set-SA

18" - Unpainted Vinyl 3/4 Limb Set - Clearance SALE

$25.99 $39.99
(Inventory Clearance) Only a few sets left
Unpainted Soft Vinyl 3/4 arms & legs Set for 18" Kits.
SKU: limb set-00

20" - Unpainted Vinyl 3/4 Limb Set - Styles Vary - Clearance SALE

$25.99 $39.99
(Inventory Clearance - Choose from 3 Different Sets)
Unpainted Soft Vinyl 3/4 arms & legs Set for 20" Kits.
SKU: Secrist-H

21-22" Blessing - Personalized Flannel Doll Body - by Secrist - Clearance SALE

$14.90 $20.90
Personalize this "Blessing" Body for that special person
21-22" Unjointed Soft Flannel Body for 1/4 Limbs
from Secrist
Add Apple Valley Firm Light Skin Vinyl 1/4 Limb set for $10.00
SKU: DK-Heidi

26" - Heidi - Reborn Toddler Doll Kit - by Adrie Stoete- Overstock Sale

$99.90 $119.90
(Only a few kits left)
Unpainted Vinyl Toddler Kit - 'Heidi' by Adrie Stoete
Finished Size - 26"
3/4 vinyl arms and full legs and Certificate.
SKU: UF-metallic 4 set

4 Piece Set of Fantasy Metallic Colors - Ultimate Fusion Premium Air Dry

$40.96 $43.96
Save $3.00 on this 4 Piece Set of Metallic Paints.
12ml Bottles of Highly Pigmented and Concentrated Air Dry Paints
(Use by the drops)
SKU: handles

A Grab Bag of Honeybug Sweetheart Handles - Special Offer

Limited Time - Special Offer - Package of 5 different colors
50 cents each - Handles fit the Honeybug Sweetheart Pacifiers
Mix and Match your Pacifier Colors.
SKU: Grab Bag Hats

Adorable Grab Bag Offer - Handmade Knit Hats for Small Dolls

$1.79 $3.99
Special Offer
Handmade Knit Doll Hat for Little Dolls 9" - 12"
Fits Doll Head Sizes 7.5" - 9.5" circumference
No Color Choice
SKU: S-497

Baby Doll Shoes with Bow - Clearance SALE

$3.95 $12.95
Clearance - Pink or Blue Trim
SAVE $9.00 - Adorable Baby Doll Shoes
with Snap Closures - 2" x 3.5"
SKU: H-bubba

Bubba Head - Mini Unpainted Vinyl Doll Head with Eyes and Lashes by Secrist

Unpainted Head with pre-inserted Eyes & Lashes - fits the 12" Limb Sets.
SKU: AR-661

Discontinued - Shine Remover - Petite Premixed Authentic Reborn Heat Set Paint

5 gr - Petite Jar
A tiny bit of color goes a very long way.
Authentic Reborn Paints are Premixed Genesis Heat Set Paint
SKU: RS-215

Drill Set - Small Hand Drill with 2 Tiny Bits

$1.29 $2.89
Special Offer
Small Hand Drill with 2 tiny bits.
Makes tiny holes.
SKU: free

FREE - One Small Piece of Vinyl - Limit 1 Per Order

Limit - One Small Piece of Vinyl Per Order
Great for Testing your colors
SKU: buyout-7

Full Round Acrylic Eyes - Blue - Clearance SALE

$2.99 $8.95
Available in 10mm, 14mm Size
Blue - Full Round acrylic eyes.
Several Brands - Blue Shades vary - Limited Quantities.
SKU: honey-grab

Grab Bag of 5 Honeybug Pacifiers & FREE Magnets

$15.00 $29.75
Special Offer - A Grab Bag of 5 Assorted Honeybug Pacifiers with Magnets.
Bonus - Each Bag contains 1 Pacifier with a Sprinkle Sticker on it!
(Only $3.00 each) - No Choice
SKU: D-Resin Twin Set

Great Gift Set - LE Collectible Miniature Resin Dolls - Special Offer SALE

$100.00 $209.90
SAVE - Unbelievable Low Sale Price - $100.00 for the Set
Hand Painted Miniature Resin Doll Set by Adrie
Collectible Gift Boxed with Certificates
See More Pics..
SKU: H-guppy

Guppy Head - Mini Unpainted Vinyl Doll Head with Eyes and Lashes

Unpainted Head with pre-inserted Eyes & Lashes - fits the 12" Limb Sets.
SKU: rec wall5

Handmade Macrame' Hanging Basket Wall Display for your Reborn Baby - Clearance SALE

$50.00 $99.00
(1/2 Price - Only 1 Available)
One of a kind, made by me (Sandie)

Display your Reborn Baby in this 52" Ivory Wall Hanging Wicker Basket.
See More Pics..

SKU: A-1002

Handmade Macrame' Pacifier Holder Clip with Colorful Beads - for your Reborn's Pacifier

$3.49 $4.99
Choose Girl, Boy or Neutral Colors
Adorable Handmade Macrame' Colorful Beaded Pacifier Clip
Attach to your Reborn's clothing
Save in Quantities - Not for Real Babies
SKU: R-502

Mohair - Straight Mohair for Rooting - Sophia's Heritage Collection

$6.99 $17.99
Choice of 6 Colors

1/4 oz. or 1/2 oz.
100% High Quality Pure Mohair
by Sophia's Heritage Collection.
Baby Fine Mohair for Rooting.

SKU: RS-124

Mushroom Sponges - Pack of 3 Sponge Dabbers

Double Ends - Mushroom Sponges - Pack of 3
Great for mottling skin tones and texture.
SKU: needles

Needle Packs - Clearance SALE from Secrist Buyout

Package of 8 Needles - From our Secrist Buyout - Limited amounts available
Different Sizes - Cut & Uncut
(All Sales Final - No Returns)
SKU: RS-692

Paint Palette - Round PVC - 10 Wells - Special Offer

$1.59 $2.99
Special Offer
7" Round PVC Paint Palette with 10 Paint Wells
Perfect for mixing & thinning paints
Great for Air Dry Paints, Acrylics or Watercolors.
SKU: test-firm head

Practice Test Head - Firm Vinyl Doll Head by Apple Valley

Choose from 3 Skin Tones - Light, Medium or Dark - "Factory Seconds"
Test Colors, blushing, mottling, veining, creases, shading, etc.
PLEASE NOTE - Firm Vinyl is harder and Cannot be used for Rooting.
SKU: test-soft limb

Practice Test Part - One Extra Light Unpainted Vinyl Doll Limb by Secrist

One Practice Soft Vinyl Baby Limb "Factory Seconds"
Practice your painting technique before trying it out on your doll.
Test Colors, Skin Tones, blushing, mottling, veining, creases, shading, nails, hair painting, et
SKU: test part firm limb

Practice Test Part - One Firm Vinyl Doll Limb by Apple Valley

Practice Test Limb - Choose Skin Tone - Firm Vinyl Limb - "Factory Seconds"
Test Colors, blushing, mottling, veining, creases, shading, etc.
PLEASE NOTE - Firm Vinyl is harder .
SKU: R-502-sample

Quantity Sampler Pack of Mixed Baby Fine Straight Mohair for Rooting

$38.99 $107.94
Save - 2 Sizes available
1.5 ounce Pack of 6 Colors - 1/4 ounce each color
3 ounce Pack of 6 Colors - 1/2 ounce each color

100% High Quality Pure Baby Fine Mohair

SKU: needle sampler

Quantity Sampler Pack
33 German Steel Rooting Needles

$28.00 $39.27
Sampler Package of 33 needles
11 different packs - 3 of each style and size
SKU: A-tote

Reborn Artist Tote Bag - Special Offer

$9.95 $19.95
(Special Offer - Save $10.00) - Black Artist Tote Bag
Keep your Reborn supplies organized and ready to go.
Size 12 x 7.5 x 5.25 inches
SKU: SW-hex

Sponge - Hexagon of 6 Sponges - Clearance Overstock SALE

6 Piece Sponge - 3" across
This is a buyout and we do not know if they are latex free or not.
Use Tweezers to make your own Mottling Sponge (See Photo)
SKU: RS-210

Tweezers - Blue EZ Lasher - Clearance Overstock SALE

$1.99 $3.99
Overstock Clearance
The E-Z-Lasher grips the eyelash and shapes it to fit the curve of the eye
so that you can install the eyelash in one easy step.